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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

woodR4 v1.23 Firmwares update

I can hardly contain my excitement for this GBATemp exclusive. Yellow Wood Goblin has just released to me his brand new firmware, Wood R4 v1.04. This firmware is a replacement for the R4 1.18 firmware and only supports the Original R4  Flash Linkers. This Firmware is not for R4 clones, use of it on clones may result in unforeseen problems. When asked why support the R4 , his response was "why not?"! The code is based in part on advancements made during the last public release of Wood R.P.G., users can expect the same coding quality, the same compatibility, basic wii-connectivity, and future updates.
This is the 1st public release, and exclusive to GBATemp. There are bound to be things that do not work as they should, so please take the time to test and report your findings. Please be sure to make use of this discussion thread to post your bug reports.
GBATemp will closely follow this thread for potential party poopers. Remember this is an achievement to be embraced not a chance to voice your opinions on the R4, the history of the R4 , or the people who choose to continue to use their original R4 .

Setup:Place the _rpg directory and the _DS_MENU.DAT into the ROOT of your microSD card.
Everything that works on Wood R.P.G. should work on Wood R4. Wood R.P.G. has 99.8% compatibility. I won't say it is 100% because there could be the occasional glitch or bug. All future Anti-Piracy ROMs are not supported but could possibly be fixed on a 1:1 basis.
There is confirmation that this is working on the Original R4 , the R4  SD clones, and the M3 Simply.
This is a port of Wood R.P.G. so this will use the same skins used no the R.P.G. as the GUI has not changed.
Wood R4 supports RAW format save files named ROM-NAME.nds.sav. You will need to rename your save files in order to make use of them.
Why use this over YSMENU?
This is a full firmware replacement. Expect all of the features of a modern firmware. Including Wii-connectivity, Cheats, Themes, Short-cuts, etc. Everything Wood R.P.G. does on the Acekard R.P.G. this firmware does on the R4 (except for on the fly A.P. patching for yet to be released ROMs).
This firmware will continue to be updated, tweaked, fixed, optimized, etc. It is time to say goodbye to YASU's YSMENU by giving your R4  Wood!

1.23 Core:• sav-files timestamp updated on game launch.
• fatfs updated to 0.08b.
• 'mysims - skyheroes (usa)' fixed.
• 'eigo de tabisutu - little charo (japan)' fixed.
• 'zombie daisuki (japan)' fixed.
• 'kaiju busters powered (japan)' fixed.
• freezing on entering into underground in 'pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum' and freezing on entering into gts terminal in 'pokemon heartgold/soulsilver' on some microsds fixed.
• 'blue dragon - awakened shadow (europe)' fixed.
R.P.G. & R4  Specific:
• microsd reading speed increased. noticeable improvement can be seen at least on sandisk microsdhc cards.

wood R4 1.23 download
(Fixed the anti-burn the latest games, including the monster nemesis enhanced version, I love Japan and South Korea the latest version of zombie games, please use the original ROM for the game):


Sunday, January 23, 2011

DSTWO EOS v1.09 released!

Note: This is version 1.09 OS. Some New DSTWO carts have no fireware, you need to write in it by yourself before using. This is the way:

1, copy the correct _dstwo folder and ds2boot.dat file to the root of your microsd card.
2, insert DSTWO into your console. Boot the console, dont turn off it untill you see the DSTWO cart LOGO(the logo of Fish Tycoon, maybe need about 1 minute). Then re-boot your console.
1, copy the correct _dstwo folder and ds2boot.dat file to the root of your microsd card.
2, insert DSTWO into your console. Boot the console, then re-boot when you entered the menu of NDS.
DSTWO version 1.09 OS Update: 2011-01-21
1. Fixed Hello Kitty Big City Dreams(E)
2. Fixed Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects(U)
3. Fixed Bleach Dark Souls(U)
4. Fixed Real-Time-Cheat display bug for some games (include "0" in their crc32)
5. Fixed Real-Time-Guide display bug for some games when your named RTG file as different letter case with rom file
6. Fixed the GBA union for Rockman(#0484) and Pokemon(#0026)
7. Fixed the bug for some homebrews which use (__system_argv), like "MyNitro"
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Friday, January 14, 2011

R4i RTS (Real Time Save) Platinum for DSi released

The R4i RTS (R4i Real Time Save) Cartridge is the current top-of-the-line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts. It is just an amazing little device like original DS cart size, it is a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software and truly the easiest media enhancer you have ever done; To simply put it, this is a must have peripheral for any regular DS/DS lite/DSi owner.

R4i RTS Functionality :
● Excellent Real Time Save Feature . (Not Real time smart help windows )
● Support SDHC (microSD 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G)
● 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
● Game compatibility 100%
● Uses microSD card, FAT or FAT32
● Supports any microSD card speed with no lag in game
● Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop to play. Fast Loading .
● Built-in NoPass
● Automatically detect save type
● Save directly to microSD card, not to onboard chip
● Support download play
● Supports rumble pack and memory pack
● Supports the Wi-Fi game, DS Rumble Pack, DS Browser
● Support changes of the background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
● Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment
● Supports Soft Reset
● Supports AR cheat code
● Supports Moonshell 2.0 & Homebrew .
● DLDI auto-patching
● Support multi-language .
● Intergraded least Moonshell 2.0 version .