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Monday, October 15, 2012

R4I-GOLD 3DS for 3DS V4.4.0-10x upgrade Fimware

R4I-GOLD 3DS( 3DS V4.4.0-10 and DSI V1.4.4 Upgrade Firmware Download
R4I-GOLD 3DS kernel updated to V1.76b Download

Firmware Upgrade Precedures
n3DS V4.4.0-10j hardware upgrade:
1. You can not upgrade N3DS Card with n3ds V4.4.10j If your N3DS console has already been upgraded to n3ds v4.1.0-8j, you will need another NDSL or NDSi or N3DS(which should be below version v4.2.0-9j) to upgrade your 3DS flash card
2.Make sure NDS was fully charged, better with external power pluged.
3.First, reformate the SD, download the latest kernel 1.76b.
4.Unzip and copy the files(homebrew,R4iMenu,moonshl2,moonmemo,r4.DAT) to the root of MicroSD card.
5.Download the latest upgrading programs. Unzip and copy the file(up3dsv43.nds) to the root of MicroSD card.
6.Insert MicroSD card into r4i-gold 3DS card, insert r4i-gold 3DS card into nds\dsl\dsi\dsixl\3DS
7.Turn on console and press "A" button to run the upgrade file up3dsv43.nds. Note:When upgrading the r4i-gold 3DS card, it is not allowed to turn off power or pull out r4i- gold 3DS card,otherwise it will damage the r4i-gold 3DS card.

DSONE/mini Upgrade to 3DS V4.4.0-10x setup and FAQ

DSONE/mini Firmware for 3DS 4.4.0-10x

DSONEi Mini user, please see the first two questions to upgrade.
2012-10-13 Upgrade fireware to support NDSi ver1.44,iDSI V1.45c and 3DS 4.4.0-10x

Important: Please make sure the power is enough! And don't do anything unnecessary! 

Important Tips: This update 4.4.0-10x detect save chip (view Here..) , fortunately someone found out a demo game without save chip, otherwise, almost all flash card without built-in CPU will be blocked. Guess 3DS will block this demo game in the next update, if can not find out another demo game can be patched, that there is no solution at all.

So, we remind our user, don’t upgrade your console unnecessary, it’s harder and harder for DSONEi to break 3DS firmware, maybe next time we have no idea. So, go to SC forum to check before upgrade the console.

Q:What's different of DSONEi and DSONEi mini version?
A: The cartridge is the same. DSONEi version sales with a firmware writer, it's convenience to upgrade the firmware.

Q:How to upgrade DSONEi mini firmware without the firmware writer?
Step 1: Download the firmware. (English)
Step 2: Unzip and copy the upgrade file such as "dsonei_update_eng.nds" to MicroSD.
Step 3: Make sure you have EOS system in your MicroSD, if you don't have, please download from here.
Step 4: Find a DS console (NDS\DS\DSLite\DSi\3DS) which can run this EOS system, if you  have the latest version console can not run EOS system, sorry, you have to find one.
Step 5: Turn on the power, and run the upgrade file like a normal ROM, you can upgrade this card already inserted or swap a new card to upgrade (swap card only works on DS/DSLite), and then press B and wait. When see turn off power, then upgrade progess finished. Now, the DSONEi mini support the latest version console. Off cause, if this firmware declared support the latest version console.

Q: What's the function of the Firmware writer?
A: Only use in this situation: If the software of console upgraded and do not recognize DSONEi. Firmware writer can renew the firmware of DSONEi. And DSONEi can work again.

Q: How to use Firmware writer?
A: Please download Newest Firmware from Copy downloaded firmware to microSD insert into DSONEi then insert into Firmware writer then into USB port for power supply and operation. No extra software need, the Firmware writer will renew the firmware of DSONEi automatic. 8 Mins. needed. Flashing light mean renew in progress. Green light mean renew finished. Red light mean renew failed. If failed, please repeat the progress.




(Possible reasons fail to upgrade)
1: Download the wrong version firmware file, such as English version DSONEi can not be upgraded by Chinese version firmware file. Please download the correct one. please download  from here.
2:Put the upgrade file “updateen.bin” into sub directory, not the root directory, firmware writer can not detect the upgrade file.
3: USB port can not provide a stable power, please change a stable USB port.
4:Firmware writer broken or DSONEi broken
5:too many disk defragments in the MicroSD,so format it before upgrade

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WOOD R4 New Version 1.53 Released

WOOD R4 V1.53 Released. (2012-10-10)

WOOD R4 V1.53 Released,please download for your R4i GOLD card (for Both R4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards).
Latest Version:V1.53 Updated Date:[Oct.10th,2012]

WOOD R4 V1.53 changelog:
- 'learn with pokemon - typing adventure (europe)' fixed.
- 'tinker bell and the great fairy rescue (europe) (en,sv,no,da)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - white version 2 (usa, europe)' fixed.
- 'pokemon - black version 2 (usa, europe)' fixed.

WOOD R4 V1.53 download click

Monday, October 8, 2012

Flashcards can working on 3DS V4.4.0-10x(10-9-2012)

Format of information below
(Last working version number) Flashcard Name (website) - update information for latest 3DS update
(NEW CARD) = just released so what this flashcard is like and how well its supported is yet to be known
List by Pong20302000 of

Flashcards Working:
What revision is my card? click here
(4.4.0-10) Supercard DS2 ( - Update Firmware 1.18 Eng, Update Firmware 1.18 Chs
(4.4.0-10) R4iGold 3DS ( - update 4.4.0-10 (Revision 9, A, B & C only work)
(4.4.0-10) R4iDSN 3DS ( - update 4.4.0-10 (Revision 9 A, B & C only work)
(4.4.0-10) R4i Gold Plus ( - 4.4.0-10 Standard update, Deluxe update
(4.4.0-10) Amaze3ds ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) r4igold wood ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) ace3ds - plus ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) R4i-SDHC 3DS ( - update inside kernel 1.62b
(4.4.0-10) R4iTT Purple - 3ds Sticker ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) r4i3d ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) R4infinity Dual Core ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) R4I-GOLD ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) R4i LL New 3DS ( - 4.4.0-10 update
(4.4.0-10) R4iTT Purple - New Sticker ( - 4.4.0-10 update (Reports of many bricks when flashing update)
(4.4.0-10) 2012 New R4isdhc-silver ( - 4.4.0-10 update

Flashcards Blocked:
(4.1.0-8) R4iGold (
(4.1.0-8) M3i zero GMP-Z003 (
(4.2.0-9) R4i Gold 3DS (
(4.2.0-9) R4i Silver - No New Sticker (
(4.2.0-9) R4i-Gold 3DS (
(4.3.0-10) Action Replay DSi (
(4.3.0-10) Acekard 2i - HW81 (
(4.3.0-10) R4i Gold - non-3DS (
(4.3.0-10) ace3ds - non-plus (
(4.3.0-10) r4igold V (
(4.3.0-10) R4iGold 3DS (
(4.3.0-10) R4i-Gold Pro (
(4.3.0-10) EX4i Movie&GBA card (

Flashcards Unknown latest Firmware Status:

Flashcards Dead (Either from No or Lack of Updates &/or Permanently Blocked):
(N/A) R4 Origional ( - No update possible
(N/A) DSTT ( - No update possible
(2.0.0-2) AK2i - HW44 ( - No update possible (this is the old Acekard HW)
(2.0.0-2) IEDGE ( - No update in a while
(2.0.0-2) Pandora-3ds ( - No update in a while
(2.1.0-4) iEvo - In DSi mode ( - No update in a while
(2.1.0-4) DSTTi ( - No update in a while
(3.0.0-5) GEI *Galaxy Eagle* ( - No update in a while
( R4i ( - No update in a while
( EZFlash Vi ( - No update in a while
( R4iGold RTS ( - No update in a while
(4.2.0-9) R4iTT Purple / Black ( - New Card released
(4.3.0-10) Supercard DSOnei ( - Blocked by 4.4.0-10 according to supercard team
(4.3.0-10) Supercard DSOnei Mini ( - Blocked by 4.4.0-10 according to supercard team

from gbatemp

r4igold 3ds( new upgrade for 3DS V4.4.0-10

 2012-10-08 r4igold 3ds card V4.4.0-10 firmware new upgrade.

 Download patch here!

 Q :what's the difference between r4igold and r4igold 3ds?
 A: those two card's solution are totally different,so they use different firmware.

 Q: what should we do when you turn on the console and it's screen turn into blank?
 A: firstly,please check if you insert the TF card or r4igold 3ds card correctly.secondly,please format  the TF card  first,then insert it into r4igold 3ds and try again.

 Q: can r4igold 3ds play the 3ds games?
 A:sorry that the r4igold 3ds still can't play the 3ds games,it can play the nds games on 3ds  console.and now there  is no ds card can play the 3ds games.

 Q:what should we pay attention to when we upgrade the r4igold card?
 A: 1) please make sure the console's power capacity is over 90%.
 2) please don't turn off the conosle when you are upgrading.the card.please pay attention to  those two tips, if not,  you shall burn the r4igold card very easily.

Amaze3ds released 3DS V4.4.0-10X patch

Great News:The 3DS v4.4.0-10 Patch for Amaze3ds released

The Amaze3ds Cartridge is the current top-of-the-line in SLOT-1 NDSi V 1.4.4 firmware upgrade and 3DS V4.4.0-10.

1-The 3ds v4.4.0-10 patch download

1.After booting up Amaze3ds_3DS44_Patch_NDSi.nds, do not take out your card and press key_a.
2.After booting up Amaze3ds_3DS44_Patch_NDSL.nds, please take out your card and reinsert it into your ds.
Press KEY_A and the updating process will begin.