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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nintendo 3DS AR Cards Revealed

The 3DS supposedly comes with 6 different AR cards out of the box, but we’ve only seen one of them so far. A recently snapped photo reveals the other 5.
Ever since the system was first revealed at E3 2010, AR – augmented reality – has been one of the 3DS’s most tantalizing new features. Nintendo has been wooing visitors to its preview events with a special AR card depicting a ? Block from the Mario franchise, showing off how the 3DS is able to identify the card in 3D space and construct a convincing game world right on your tabletop. As impressive as the effect is, this card is only one of a set of six included with the 3DS; but until now, no one knew what the other 5 looked like.

The above image has found its way onto the Internet, and finally reveals the full set. As you can see, every card is themed after a major Nintendo franchise – Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, and Pikmin are all represented here. It’s logical to assume that each card presents a challenge to the player themed around the franchise it represents – can you image Ridley flying out of the Samus card to shred your face apart? – but that’s just my guess at this point.
The image was revealed as part of a promotional unboxing UK retailer GAME conducted via Twitter to stir up some buzz for the 3DS. Doesn’t it make you jealous that they’re already starting to receive 3DS units, but won’t put them on shelves until March 25th?

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  1. Its true that every card is themed after NDS franchise. I have got photos of other Ar cards from my colleague who had got from Internet. Even i have also tried to find how other 5 looked, but i could get perfect result which i want.