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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

R4itt 3DS version for nintendo 3DS

R4itt 3DS Description
(Double game engines)
Main game engine and assistant game engine help one another
For improving the game compatibility
Real time save function
Real time save function that when playing game you can store current game status
And you can continue play game when you play again,not need play from start
Real Time Game Guide
With the beautiful and small font so that could display more on the screen. Supports picture guide, then you won't lose your way in a deep maze

Full-featured upgrade cheat function
Use .dat cheat format,and user can download easily
Convenient file-operate function
Delete your dislike game files online and game save file can back up online,not need depend on the “QUICK” button
WI-FI upgrage
Update the r4itt2 by wifi connect
The main menu interface to facilitate
ICONS of game,music(movie),intenet.e-mail,MSN.WIFI-UPGRADE,PHONE display on the main screen, operation is very convenient.
Soft reset
Soft reset is very good function that you not need restart nds in game
The function can go back to mainmenu conveniently
User Manual


1. Choose the QUCIK button after enter game list menu 

2. Choose the button of patches


3. Choose the Enable or Disable of RT SAVE,sure and ESC

4. Press L+R+A+B at same time when playing game



6. Press “key B” and ESC 


SAVE:The current game status will be stored  
LOAD:The  last  game  status  that  you  have  stored  will  be 
GUIDE: Game guide will display and you can make game guide 
of yourself 
SOFT RESET:Go back to main menu  
1. you must choose “save” once when first use RTS 
2. you can press L+R+A+B and press key B ESC when game go back 
appear backgroud music erro.

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