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Sunday, September 19, 2010

iSmart ds for Nintendo DS, DSi, DSL,DSiLL

iSmart DS arrive on Sep 04,2010.This card is known to be a good alternative for Ak2i.
We put more focus on its Anti-Piracy Auto Detection function,as this is the second card that claim to achieve this after Supercard DSTWO.And the team is claim to open all it's firmware sources which means not only SDK in order to attract more developers' interests.

 iSmart DS Premium Features:
* 100% compatibility, supports clean ROMS, works on NDS, NDSL, NDSi and NDS XL.
* Supports NDS download play.
* Enhanced Real Time Save and Real Time Game Guide. Making it easier for you to play the games.
* Super fast memory card reading speed. Supports any MicroSD/MicroSDHC including the slowest ones.
* Anti-Piracy Auto Detection. No patches needed for games with built-in anti-piracy.
* Automatic save type detection, no need for a save type database.
* Skinnable interface for both theme and buttons.
* Multi-lingual user interface. Customizable languages.
* Supports Action Replay cheat.
* Supports Wi-Fi, EZ Flash 3 in 1 expansion pack. No additional software needed for the expansion pack.

Package include:
1* ismart ds chip
1* MicroSD Card Reader

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