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Sunday, September 19, 2010

ismart ds setup guide

  iSmart Ds team is a new company to flashcart industry. The engineers have many years of experience with Nintendo GBA and DS flashcarts. iSmart Ds is committed to provide the highest quality products and service to the public.

  iSmart DS Premium Features:
  100% compatibility, supports clean ROMS, works on NDS, NDSL, NDSi and NDS XL. Supports NDS download play.
  Enhanced Real Time Save and Real Time Game Guide. Making it easier for you to play the games. Super fast memory card reading speed. Supports any MicroSD/MicroSDHC including the slowest ones. Anti-Piracy Auto Detection. No patches needed for games with built-in anti-piracy.
  Automatic save type detection, no need for a save type database. Skinnable interface for both theme and buttons.
  Multi-lingual user interface. Customizable languages. Supports Action Replay cheat.
  Supports Wi-Fi, EZ Flash 3 in 1 expansion pack. No additional software needed for the expansion pack. iSmart DS Premium VS. Acekard 2i:
  1. Better support. Acekard does not really provide much support in terms of hardware and software. It is not even 1.4 compatible yet. You need to apply the patch to make it 1.4 compatible. They don’t even bother to come out with new hardware to make it 1.4 compatible.
  2. Acekard is known to have lots of problems with contacts. Paper trick is needed for a lot of them to get it to work. iSmart DS does not have the problem. The quality of our hardware is much better than AK2i.
  3. iSmart DS open source approach will help it in the long run.
  iSmart DS Download System files
  Download the latest kernel from our download site here.
  After download the file, unzip it and save it to your hard drive (e.g. C:iSmartDS).
  You should see the sub-folder ‘SYSTEM’ under the folder (C:iSmartDS in step 1) you saved to. Connect your MicroSD card to your computer with the USB reader included in the package.
  Copy the folder SYSTEM that you uncompressed from the download file to your MicroSD memory card. You should see the folder SYSTEM under your MicroSD memory card.
  Download Moonshell (optional for Multi-Media)
  Download the latest version of Moonshell 2 from Ver 2.10 is available here.
  The downloaded file is an executable program. Double click on the program and follow the instruction to
  setup Moonshell on your hard drive.
  Once you have the Moonshell installed on your hard drive. Look for the set up.exe under your Moonshell folder.
  Have your MicroSD in the USB reader and connect it to your computer.
  Double click on the set up.exe to setup the Moonshell to your MicroSD memory card. Copying games to your MicroSD memory card.
  While having MicroSD memory card connected to your computer, You can copy NDS games to your memory card. You can also copy GBA games if you have 3 in 1 expansion pack (DS Phat only).
  Just drag and drop, no need to convert the games. Ready to play games!
  Now take out your MicroSD card and insert it into the iSmart Premium. Put the iSamart Premium into your DS/DSL.
  Turn on your console and ready to play games. iSmart Premium menu:
  When you are in the iSmart Premium ment. Few icons available on the screen.
  ‘Nintendo DS Games’: To play nintendo DS games with iSamrt Premium
  ‘GBA games for 3 in 1 pack’: If you have EZ 3 in 1 pack in slot 2 (DS Phat only), you can play GBA games from here.
  ‘Moonshell Multi Media’: To play music or video clips by launching Moonshell from here.
  ‘System Setting’: You can change the system settings here. System Settings:
  The following setting can be changed from the menu:
  Language setting: iSmart Premium is preloaded with ‘English’, ‘French’, ‘German’, Hungaria’, ‘Italian’,
  ‘Japanese’, ‘Korean’, ‘Russian’, ‘Simplfied Chinese’, ‘Spanish’, ‘Swedish’, ‘Brazil’, ‘Dutch’.
  Rumble Strength: EZ 3 in1 rumble strength. Three levels can be selected ‘Strong’, ‘Low’ and ‘Med’.
  3 in 1 Mode: ‘GBALink’ and ‘Rumble’ mode can be selected.
  Skin Style: You can change the skin from here. You can make your own skin or download the skins online. Our skins is compatible with EZ Vi skin.
  NDS Games:
  Launch to NDS Game menu:
  Top of the screen shows the list of the folders and games under the root of the memory card. You can select the folder or game by pressing the UP and DOWN button on the left of DS console. Once you have the folder or game selected, you can press ‘A’ to go down to the folder you selected or to play the game if you selected a game. If you are in a sub-folder, ‘pressing the ‘B’ button will take you back to the parent folder.
  If you selected a game, you can also change the ROM Setting Menu by pressing the ‘Preference’ icon at the bottom of the screen. Te following settings can be turned on: ‘Soft Reset’, ‘Real Time Save’, ‘Game Guide’, ‘Cheat’ and ‘Download Play’.
  You can also press the ‘A’ button or the ‘Start’ icon on the screen to start the game.
  To use the cheat codes, you need to find ‘USRCHEAT.DAT’ file. You can download it from our site or google it to find the latest one for new games. Copy the file to your ‘SYSTEM’ folder.
  You have to turn on the Cheat from the ROM Setting Menu mentioned above. In the menu, you can press
  ‘Y’ to select the cheat codes that you want to turn on during the game. GBA Games for 3 in 1 pack:
  Similar to the NDS games, you will see the list of the folders and games. However, only GBA games will show up on the list. You can then highlight the game and press ‘A’ or ‘Start’ icon to start the game.
  Moonshell Multi Media:
  It will ask you if you want to (X)NOR Flash (B)Cancel or (Y)PS Ram. You can decide what mode to use to play the GBA game. This function only works with the console with slot 2 and with EZ 3 in 1 pack in slot 2.
  Moonshell can be launched from this icon. However, you need to download and install the Moonshelll first. Follow the instruction of ‘Download Moonshell’ above.
  During the game:
  You can activate the ‘Real Time Save’, ‘Load’, ‘Game Guide’ or ‘Soft Reset’ by pressing L+R+SELECT. You can select from the menu to save game progress or load from your previous SAVE.
  Our skin is compatible with EZ Vi skin. You can use any of the skin for EZ Vi on iSmart Premium. Copy the .DAT file to the SYSTEMSKIN folder and select it from the system setting.

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