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Monday, October 8, 2012

r4igold 3ds( new upgrade for 3DS V4.4.0-10

 2012-10-08 r4igold 3ds card V4.4.0-10 firmware new upgrade.

 Download patch here!

 Q :what's the difference between r4igold and r4igold 3ds?
 A: those two card's solution are totally different,so they use different firmware.

 Q: what should we do when you turn on the console and it's screen turn into blank?
 A: firstly,please check if you insert the TF card or r4igold 3ds card correctly.secondly,please format  the TF card  first,then insert it into r4igold 3ds and try again.

 Q: can r4igold 3ds play the 3ds games?
 A:sorry that the r4igold 3ds still can't play the 3ds games,it can play the nds games on 3ds  console.and now there  is no ds card can play the 3ds games.

 Q:what should we pay attention to when we upgrade the r4igold card?
 A: 1) please make sure the console's power capacity is over 90%.
 2) please don't turn off the conosle when you are upgrading.the card.please pay attention to  those two tips, if not,  you shall burn the r4igold card very easily.

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