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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Acekard2.1 or Acekard 2i Instructions

Please follow the steps below to load the Acrkard2.1 or Acekard 2i software.

If you have already had “wrar380” program installed, please proceed to Section (B). You will need this program to unzip or decompress the downloaded files.

Section (A) Download WinRAR program

  1. Open your internet explorer or equivalent and type.
  2. Click “DOWNLOAD
  3. Click “here” on the following sentence.
  4. File Download window will open up, click “Run”.
  5. Click “Run” again on Security Window.
  6. WinRAR window will pop up, click “Install”.
  7. In WinRAR setup, click “OK”.
  8. On the next Window then Click “Done”.
  9. WinRAR window will open up, close the window.
  10. You have successfully downloaded and installed wrar380 program.

Section (B)  Install R4DS Firmware

1. Please download the R4DS software from the following website for the latest version. or from
2. Decompress the downloaded the file using “wrar380” (or higher version) program that has been downloaded and saved in your computer system.

-          Double click on the downloaded file compressed file and WinRAR will be opened up.
-          Select “Extract To” on the top menu bar and follow the instruction and have the firmware decompressed. Please remember the folder or directory where the decompressed files and folders are stored.

3. Copy 1 folders “_ak2” and 1 file “akmenu4.nds” onto your MicroSD root directory.

4. That completes the whole installation.

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