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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hyper-R4i Hyper-Revolution for DS series

Hyper-R4i supports DSi 1.4 System with NEW firmware
What is the Hyper-R4i?
Hyper-R4i is a SLOT-1 flashcard designed for Nintendo DSi (also can be used in DSL&DS) handheld consoles. As the successor of the famous R4 flash card, it now supports the all regions DSi ( JAP/USA/EUR and more) and The Newest System, can use SDHC storage card, and have even better compatibility than the old R4 with NDS ROMs and homebrews.

- Core-Duo Upgrade Technology, Firmware and Kernel will be Upgrade forever;
- Crack the Anti-Flashcard technology, all regions DSi console with the Newest System is Compatible;
- Support the microSD memory card (128MB - 32GB*1, Support SDHC);
- Support Clean Rom ( NDS/iDS ),no need any software to trans, drag and drop, Works on any OS.
- Adopt Hyper-R4 Engine, Perfection supports all NDS game*2, Support Download-Play and Wi-Fi Link, included "3369 - Mario & Luigi RPG 3", "3517 - Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars";
- Support DMA read and no lag while using any microSD card*3;
- Build-in R4 SAKURA System, Support ebook/music/movie;
- Files are to be saved directly to microSD card, copy or restoration is not required;
- DLDI auto-patching, support moonshell 1.X/2.X and other homebrew;
- Support AR cheat code ( usrcheat.dat);
- Support soft reset, push L+R+A+B+X+Y to return menu( game list);
- Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically;
- Double screen UI, abbreviated picture and game title display, button and touch operations;
- Support Wi-Fi, Rumble pack and Browser expansion;
- UI background can be changed*6;
- 4-level brightness adjustment*7;
- No need to flash, Built-in launch Slot-2 ( GBA ) function*8.
*1 1GByte = 1024MByte = 8192Mbit
*2 Please use the newest firmware and kernel;
*3 Hyper-R4i Team Advise you on using Original microSD/microSDHC card ( for example the SanDisk is a good choose. Good memory card will get good experience;
*4 Rumble pack is purchased and no for DSi ( DSi without SLOT-2);
*5 Browser expansion pack is purchased and no for DSi ( DSi without SLOT-2);
*6 Wallpaper format: bitmap(*.bmp), 256px*192px,16bit。
*7 DSL only;
*8 Flashcard on SLOT-2 only for DS/DSL,no for DSi ( DSi without SLOT-2).

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