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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Supercard dstwo iReader v1.1 Update

- The iReader plugin for the SuperCard dstwo has received a minor update from 1.1 to, yes, 1.1 again (25/10/1910)
- The GBA Emulator plugin has also been updated to v1.3
- And finally SCDSTwo EOS has been updated to v1.08

• iReader can recognize the file type which supports by the extensions.
will display ZIP file as a folder, there are 3 display fliter: "All”, "Book” and “Picture”.
• Added Press R to next page when portrait reading
• Fixed the missing letter bug in some font sizes when portrait reading
• Improved pic zoom, now you can view pic as 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 300% 400%
• Added big pictures support
• Fixed the bug of cant zoom or rotate
• Fixed some bugs of BMP picture reading
• Improved bookmark save function. Now you can save more than 10 bookmarks for each file. Even more if you want!

Because some codes of bookmark save function had changed, so you can use old version bookmarks with thise new version iReader, Please delete old bookmarks!

iReader 1.1 (25/10/1910)
The problem with the stalling of the NDS in closing and opening is solved

GBA Emulator v1.3
Emulation kernel updated, improved game compatibility
Shining Soul is now

EOS v1.08
File System problem.
Save problem with Summon Night (J) & Summon Night 2 (J) are resolved.
Pokemon Black connection crash problem solved.
Touch Menu bug in Real Time resolved.
Note: Old Patch database does not work with the new OS version

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