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Thursday, October 21, 2010

R4iTT support for DSI 1.41

R4iTT 3D Upgrade cart released its latest R4iTT 1.41 Updation Patch for Nintendo DSi 1.41 Firmware

R4iTT released its latest R4iTT 1.41 Updation Patch for DSi 1.41 Firmware Updation on Sep 11th, 2010.

R4iTT 3D Upgrade is owned by, manufactured and designed by Original R4DS and Original DSTT. R4iTT can be used on Nintendo DSi XL, DSi LL, DSi V1.41, DSi, DS Lite and DS. It is an integration of Design and Development from Original R4DS and Original DSTT team.

R4iTT Main features:
1.Wi-Fi upgrade firmware for ever
2.An Integration of Design and Development from Original R4 and Original Dstt
3.Compatible R4(R4i) and DSTT(DSTTi) all funtions
4.Compatible all dsixl/dsill/dsi/dsl games
5.Suport Internet?IP phone?MSN, Email functions
6.Florid 3D themes
7.Background music and key music
8.Backup Save file online
9.Support music,movies

R4iTT Kernel and R4iTT 1.41 Updation Installation:
1> Download the latest R4iTT V1.6 kerenel and R4iTT 1.41 Updation;
2> Decompress both of them onto root directory of your Memory card;
3> Get r4i_flashdata.bin and UpdateToolerV13.nds two patches after decompression of R4iTT 1.41
4> Do not update your DSi console into V1.41 before these two patches being updated on your R4iTT cart;
5> Power on DSi 1.41 with R4iTT & Memory card inserted;
6> Find and Run UpdateToolerV13.nds;
            7> Do and Follow the Instruction from Screen, and Complete the Updation.

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